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» helzor 70 Undead Rogue
Fri Oct 31, 2008 3:40 pm by Helzor

» Application, Sixpounder Resto Shaman
Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:10 am by hammermann

» Application, Sixpounder Resto Shaman
Wed Oct 22, 2008 9:50 am by hammermann

helzor 70 Undead Rogue

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helzor 70 Undead Rogue

Post  Helzor on Fri Oct 31, 2008 3:40 pm

Applicant's Character
Name: Helzor
Level and Race: 70 Undead
Class: Rogue
Current Realm :Grim Batol

Required Questions:

02- Nationality
03- Age
04- Occupation
05- Char. Name
06- Class
07- Race
08- Spec
09- Professions? Are your chosen professions maxed? If not, why?
LW 375 and Skinning 375
10- Current Guild
11- Experience Pre-TBC
yes have done mc, ony and bwl whit my shaman..
12- Experience After-TBC
13- Info About Your gear and gem choice
It's mostly Epic but it's oki.. Wotlk is coming sun..
14- Spoken Language
Norwegian and English
15- What do you expect from Zaroth
To be friendly and good progress in WOTLK
16- The Consumables You Use For Raiding
Pots and Elixirs, Food/cooking and drums
17- Ventrilo?
18- Your Resistance Gear Stats
Don't have one yet
19-How do you feel about guild progress?
Important to keep the guild alive, been in to many guild that die's because the progress is bad
20 - What is Your Plans for WotLK?
Speed up to 80 and start raiding and pvp i like pvp and pve
21- Which hours are your best raiding times
donno work a bit so don't know
22- Post your keybinds here(It might take time but its needed)
dont have any one know all my key get fuck after the new patch
23- Do you know any Zaroth members who can vouch for you?
No.!! just know ppl for Safari..
24-Do you understand the guild's rules, and can comply with them, including raid times and DKP/loot systems?
Guild rules is oki.. and dkp is oki the ppl ho raid get what they have work for..
25-As a raider what are the strengths you can bring the group?
Geart humor and a big smile:D
26-To contrast that, what are your weaknesses?
you tell me:D
27- How's your net stability, are you disconnect from server a lot? How's your computer and fps in shattrath?
the frp is oki... the computer is GOOD and i ahve 10mbtps so i not gone be a prob

FBF: me ;D


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